We have a resident Great Blue Heron on our local, stocked pond. It is also a great stop for migratory waterfowl. They are a delight to watch.  great-blue-heron

This year is the first yeat that we have gotten Snowy Egrets during the migrations. I saw them first in the sping. And now I have seen up to five at a time on our little pond. The heron is not entirely pleased.

I get to have these wonderful meditation occasions of observance on my daily morning prayer walk, as soon as it is light enough to see the path. To get to the pond, I strike off through some little woods, very slowly and quietly and inch into the last few feet of cover to see if any herons (I’ve also seen green and little blue herons there) or egrets are gracing the pond that morning. It is a rare morning when no waterfowl are around. I bless the city for stocking the pond. Later in the day, it is a draw for human fisherman, but right after dawn, it is all mine (and of course the birds, who are known to feed even before it gets light).

My newest delight comes from the long-term loan of high-powered binoculars to me from my friends at church, Lynne and Gary. It is a specially generous act of theirs to do, since these were Lynne’s brother’s binoculars, who passed away only last year. They have great sentimental value for Lynne and Gary, but both of them are so generous that they would rather see me use them than to keep them in their case as part of a shrine to their too-soon-gone loved one..

[Update August 2, 2016: my friend Gary passed away last month after a difficult illness. Lynne is hanging in there; she and I have lunch from time to time. We will miss Gary greatly. I gave the loaner binoculars back to them some time ago, but am awaiting some new ones that I ordered from Amazon.  A new birding post will follow soon!]

Love and Peace!