Yesterday I attended the wedding of my niece Anna and her husband Jeremy. The wedding was held outdoors in a lovely setting in the spacious yards of friends of theirs,and the July Ohio weather fully cooperated in giving us a beautiful evening.

The ceremony was touching, and the reception was casual and struck with magic…

the Kings, Anna and Jeremy, just after the vows

Lots of family were in attendance:

Some people managed to get “framed….”

My brothers Chris and Tom, father of the bride, took a break:

my brothers Chris and Tom take a break

Late in the evening, the bride sang “There She Goes,” to her father’s guitar accompaniment.

Anna sings to her father’s accompaniment

You can hear part of their song here:

Miscellaneous photos, too good to miss:

It was such a lovely wedding, a more wonderful and loving couple would be hard to find, and it was great to get to see so much of my family!