After I watched the Democratic National Convention last month, I remained intrigued by the performance of Katy Perry.   She endorsed Hillary Clinton and sang “Rise” and “Roar.”

Now, pop music is not usually my thing, although I am a fan of WOTE– Walk Off The Earth — a pretty jaw-dropping group of five virtuoso singer/instrumentalists hailing from Toronto.  But I consider them to be an exception to the rule, since, if anything, they are very indie pop or even indie rock.

I particularly like WOTE’s album R.E.V.O.:

Walk Off The Earth REVO

Here’s the track “Red Hands:”

But Katy Perry did impress me at the DNC.  So I checked out a couple of her albums, Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection and Prism.

And Teenage Dream has captured my heart, especially the eponymous track:

This album is so high school!  And I loved high school.  My high school years were 1964-1969.  Those were peak years not only for me, but for the nation.  We prospered, we were adventurous, we were by-and-large happy, at least if you were in the white, middle-class demographic.

My senior year picture:

My senior picture, needs cropping (2)

I look like the cat who licked up the cream. 🙂 And my friends looked the same.  We were having fun.

So Teenage Dream speaks to me, although it is about a different generation of teenagers, living in a very different time and in California, whereas I grew up in Ohio.

It fulfills some deep atavistic craving I have.

And I wonder, if Hillary Clinton is elected President in November, and if we elect more Democrats to both Houses of Congress, could the planks of the Democratic Party Platform  (which include lots of Bernie Sanders’s ideas, especially about remedies for income inequality) become the law of the land and restore some of the prosperity and optimism of those days in the 60’s when I was in high school?

Katy Perry’s optimism and her popularity give me hope that indeed my dreams, my teenage dreams, could come true…