Due to a friend’s generous gift certificate, I went to see a matinee of the recently-opened Kubo and the Two Strings, another great animation from Laika (think Coraline).  I give it a two thumbs up.  It seems I’m right in line with the critics on this one.  Also on the gift certificate I got to see Florence Foster Jenkins, to which I give another two thumbs up, right along with the majority of film critics.

Tomorrow, still on the gift certificate (thank you, my friend who will remain anonymous at your request!), my friend Juhi and I will be seeing Bad Moms.  Then the next day, I’ll be going to Ben-Hur.  All these movies I’m seeing in a nearby suburb’s theater complex that offers padded leather reclining seats!  Luxury living, and not on my tab.  It can’t get better than this.

Whew! Add those movies to my recent drive-in experience with my friends Sharie and Nancy, among others, where we saw a double feature of Pete’s Dragon and The B.F.G., and you will see why I am in a movie daze.

drive-in movie theater (2)

But it’s a pleasant state to be in, I assure you! 🙂