Finally.  Finally the weekend.  I thought this week would never end, this first full week for me at both Ohio State and the Methodist seminary in Delaware.

And I’ve got so much homework to do!

And this next week I’ll be starting to volunteer Monday afternoons at a middle-school mentoring program and Tuesday mornings at a before-school latchkey program.

How will I ever deal…?

But first, the weekend.  It started out with a great Cuban breakfast at Starliner Diner with my new friend Jim.  I had the omelette special, with plantains, which I love.  Thank you, Jim!

Tonight is the Gallery Hop. Juhi and Amol and I are going to the opening reception of the Universe Tribe show, which is at Stone Village Gallery in the Short North arts district of Columbus, Ohio.  My friend Lisa M. McLymont will be showing some of her portraits there.Link to the event

Work by Lisa M. McLymont

Then day after tomorrow, on the holiday, Amol, Juhi and I are going to the Ohio Renaissance Festival, where I was a musician from 1990-2000.  That will be fun!  I’m hoping to find some leather shoes with antler buttons that I can wear with my Viking costume, which will be kind of like this:

burnt orange apron dress

Or this:

viking dress brown

My Viking outfit is going to have a burgundy kirtle, or underdress, and a slate blue apron dress over top.  On the straps of the apron dress I’ll have turtle brooches from which strands of amber and glass beads will hang.  Haven’t located a belt yet, which needs to be woven fabric, not leather.  Then I’ll have a white hood to partially disguise my short non-Viking-woman hair.  LOL  Everything will be made of linen, although I’m hoping to make a wool Rus coat later this month, for which I need to find a blanket.

I joined the Society for Creative Anachronism!  SCA events are places where you can do things like make Rus coats out of blankets.  Many people think of the SCA as being only a combat group, but there is also a very active Arts and Sciences section that offers workshops on all kinds of cool things, from making garments to cooking on fires Viking-style!

Here are some photos of people from last year’s SCA Bottega at Three Towers in the Middle Kingdom, which is my Kingdom, but a different Marche (mine is Tirnewyyd, not Three Towers).  Still, Three Towers is relatively close to me, and I’m hoping to go to the Bottega II later this month, especially if my Viking garb comes by then!

Doesn’t it look fun?

So the weekends will make up for the busy weeks!  🙂