Happily, my funk of a few days ago has lifted, and serenity has returned.

Yesterday I had a wonderful playdate with my neighbor’s daughter Annabelle and her American Girl doll Taylor, who used to be Samantha, when I had her.  She is much happier living with Annabelle, who actually plays with her and displays much more imagination in doing so than I ever did in the couple of months I had her.

Annabelle, her mother Kristy and I played dress-up too, which is a prerequisite for playing dolls at my place.

I can’t believe that I didn’t take any photos!

Annabelle looked wonderful in a wrap-around skirt made of two gold and purple silk saris, and Kristy shone in a burgundy tunic with flowing sleeves and a velvet bodice.  I wore my elephant harem pants with a long sari skirt and my gold beaded shoes that I bought with Yasemin when I visited her family in Turkey.  See I Used to Live in Istanbul Part Two

The cats were ecstatic during the playdate.  Annabelle played with them indoors and out.  She gave them treats and turned it into a game.  This morning they seem a little disgruntled to be back to life as usual with an old lady.  LOL

Annabelle especially loves Sissy.

Annabelle is an amazing person, which I always had suspected, but now I know!  She is intellectually precocious, home-schooled by Kristy, and an independent and innovative thinker.  She and I also share an avid interest in birds (she brought her birding books over for the playdate, as well as her doll and its clothes).  And when I mentioned my interest in Vikings, it turned out that she had read several books about them.  She is eight years old.  She and I both started reading, on our own, when we were three.

The sad thing for me is that Annabelle and her parents are moving away this weekend, but only a few miles from here.  I hope we’ll stay in touch and that Annabelle will be able to visit me again someday!

Today I’m going to a meeting of social justice workers who will be interviewing candidates for county prosecutor (our version of the attorney-general) and Common Pleas judge, who hear the most serious criminal cases.  We will be asking them, among other things, what they plan to do about curbing police brutality and the rising and lopsided incarceration rates of men of color.  See the flyer:  candidates_forum

Tomorrow it’s back to school.

I sure am glad I had my playdate!  🙂