Today I’ve been running around like crazy, and I really haven’t managed to get much accomplished at all.

I did make it to the 18th Ave. library to get my OhioLink book about women in the Viking Age for my classroom presentation in late October.  I hung out for awhile in the cafe there and drank some diet Coke.  Then off to Medieval Lit class, which is merely one building away.  After class, I chatted with a couple of classmates I’ve never engaged before, Sarah and Jordan.  They both seem terrifyingly smart.

I hiked back to my car, which was parked, as usual, behind Summit on 16th.  Since I needed to go inside to use the facilities, I took the time to pay visits to Pastor Robb and to John and our new intern Sarah M., a graduate seminarian who I met there at seminary last year.

Then I realized I was terminally late to pick up Juhi as promised.  I just wrote an entire book about what Juhi and I did this afternoon, only to realize that it cannot be revealed at this point, for reasons I also cannot reveal.

After our secret rendezvous I took Juhi back to her place, visited with her there for about ten minutes, mostly to determine whether the free cable they get has the History Channel, which hosts my Vikings! show (yes, they do have the History Channel), then I dashed off back to campus to attend a lecture my prof recommended in Medieval Lit this morning.

It turned out to be a Classics Department lecture given by a famous don from Oxford.  That didn’t stop me from opening my mouth and asking a couple of questions during the discussion time.  My questions were actually complimented afterwards by the widow of the late professor for whom this lecture series was established.  Sometimes my brazen nature is rewarded.

While I was there at the new-to-me Ohio Union, I succumbed to temptation and got a couple of Buckeye souvenirs, a china alumni mug and a stainless-steel coffee car thingie with the Block O logo.

Then I drove home through the crazy rush-hour traffic so that I could respond to a million emails about tutoring jobs.  I’ve bid on a bunch of them, but so far I haven’t gotten hired.  I’m not quite sure how I’ll handle it if I *do* get hired!

In between these stops and errands were a bunch of other hectic things I had to do, or at least I thought I had to do them….

And now I’ve lost my wallet.

Yep, running around like crazy!