Tonight is a followup to last night’s post in which I mentioned that I would be going with Janet VanMeter today to Rose Tournament, held conveniently for us at Prairie Oaks Metro Park, practically in our backyards. This was my second SCA event and I remembered to take a camera, so these photos are my own for once, with exceptions as noted.

First a photo of Janet, on the left, with the gorgeous fox bag.  I cannot quite remember the spelling of Janet’s SCA name, but it sounds like Erroll (as in Erroll Flynn), with an added long I in the center, thus spelled something like Erriel.  I will go ahead and make a mess of Erriel’s patronymic as well:  it is something approximating de Fauconniere. Sitting on Janet’s right is her friend Katarina, who I was happy to make the acquaintance of.

Erriel and Katarina

We were sitting right behind the gate, aka Troll, with a great view of the tourney, which looked something like this, in no particular order:

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Lastly, photographic proof that I was truly at an SCA event!  I’m wearing here my new Viking apron dress handmade for me by a woman named Ingilfridh in Sweden, who also did the tab-woven trim I’m wearing in my hair.

Me, Unn Olafsdottir of Tirneydd, photo by Janet VanMeter

Erriel and I left before the tourney concluded, so I cannot regale you with the results.  However, we were happy to go on to dinner at the Olive Tree, in mufti, with Janet’s husband David and several friends of theirs who are also SCA folk, but who did not attend Rose Tournament.  I look forward to meeting them again next summer at Pennsic Wars, if not before!

Another 2016 Rose Tourney banner, photo Blair Burns