Since I don’t have TV, I’ve been listening to the U.S, Presidential election results on National Public Radio, my main source of news. And the race has just been called, for Donald Trump.  Hillary Clinton has already called him to congratulate him.

I am flabbergasted, an old word that must have the dust shaken off of it at a time like this.

Synonyms for flabbergasted include “amazed, astonished, staggered, nonplussed, confounded, perplexed, confused, and mystified.”

That about sums it up for me.

I must admit that finding out in May, on Mother’s Day, that my sons both supported Trump gave me pause for some serious thought.   My sons are intelligent, educated, good and compassionate young men, who were raised to think independently.

Their choice of Trump as a candidate made me realize that it was dangerous to generalize about Trump supporters, as so many of my fellow progressive and liberal friends have done.  Their choice also made me less sure that my candidate, Hillary Clinton, would win.

Now it is time to do what my pastor, Rev. Laura Young, asked us to do last Sunday:  to act in such a way as to promote healing in our very divided nation.  I am hopeful, after listening to President-elect Trump’s acceptance speech a few minutes ago, which stressed working together to go forward, that many of us will work for healing instead of division.