Just because I needed to lighten up, I decided to post this video I found on Von B.’s blog Midnight Diary:

Apparently this song is part of the soundtrack of the movie Nerve, which I’m assured is for millennials only, so I’m not rushing out to see it.  I’m not even sure of the semiotics of the video for this song, “Kamikaze,” so I’m not going to attempt any analysis of anything, basically.  I’m just going to enjoy the song, its vivacious and liberating nature, whatever its deeper meanings may be.

However, for our edification:  Mø is a young Danish singer-songwriter and, according to a comment by  Michael Køie Poulsen on the YouTube video, the song “Kamikaze” is produced by Diplo from Major Lazer.  And furthermore, that Mø sings on Major Lazer’s two greatest hits, “Lean On” and “Cold Water.”

Be all that as it may, I just want to lighten up!

Enjoy! 🙂