Now I must tell you: my cat Ophelia has been missing since Wednesday.  I am doing everything I can to try to ensure her safe return: posting to many lost and found pets sites online, making a flyer and distributing it around the neighborhood and at the local veterinarians’ offices and the humane society. Going door to door asking if people have seen her and if I can look in their yards.

Nothing so far, although everyone is being very kind and concerned. 😦

Our condo is right across the street from a large meadow, woods and pond that would be a tempting place for a kitty on the loose to go.  I’ve spent hours tramping through the woods  and circling the pond calling for her.  I take her box of treats wherever I go and rattle it, since that was always one way to get her to come to me before she went missing.

Her cat bed and litter box, food and water, are all outside the door to let her know this is her home, in case she wanders back this way.

She is an extremely friendly cat and very curious about people. What I think has happened is that she has gone home with someone, since our condo is on a corner that many people walk by.  Maybe the people in the home she has gone to will let her out, or she will escape, and she will make her way home.

Ophelia and Amol, July 2016
Amol and Ophelia
Ophelia and flowers2
Ophelia loves flowers

But if she doesn’t come back, I hope that she has found a wonderful new home with loving humans. It would be especially nice if there were a little girl to play with her. 🙂

Most of all, though, I pray for her safe return to me.