Just a little while ago, a very kind woman pulled up in her car, and guess who she had with her?  My missing kitty Ophelia!

The lady, Debbie, found Ophelia about six or seven blocks away from home, playing with a group of boys.  That’s about half-a-mile from home and close to the woods that I searched for hours several times over the weekend.

I wonder if Ophelia has been outside the whole six days and nights that she has been missing?  It’s been rainy, then bitterly cold and snowy.  But she has a very dense coat.

She still seems quite plump, so I wonder if someone has been feeding her?  By the way, the photo at the top is of another tortoiseshell cat–Ophelia is much more round! 🙂  The only attribution for the above photo is “Parade.”

But she is very tired.  And thirsty.

After drinking from the forbidden water glass on my nightstand, which I let her do since I promised myself that if I got her back i would never stop her from doing so again (I’ll just wash it a lot!), she curled up in the middle of the bed holding onto my hand and fell asleep. Her little paws were twitching.

I wonder if she is dreaming about her adventures?  I wonder what they were?