The things I get myself into!  I had an appointment with my Medieval Lit professor after class Thursday, during which I asked if I could join the research paper assignment.  Totally NOT required of an auditor in my program!  She was gracious and said that I could submit one and that she would read and comment on it.

Am I crazy?

Well, that is actually a rhetorical question:  we all know that I am crazy.  In the nicest possible of ways, we hope! 🙂

Yesterday evening I completed and submitted a five-page double-spaced bibliography of books and scholarly journal articles about Icelandic Sagas that I’m consulting for my paper.  While I won’t end up citing all of them, I do have to actually read them all more closely than the way I skimmed them in order to pick them out in the first place.  I will have to find pinpoint cites that support my arguments.

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Oh, plus the paper and all its citations must adhere to the MLA Style Guide, Eighth Edition:

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Just figuring out the style for the citations in my bibliography, which in my paper must now be termed “Works Cited,” took a couple of hours.

And what are my arguments, you may ask? (Here I imagine that you are all literature scholars, which just shows how very fertile my imagination is!)

I am arguing that two “dangerous women” in the sagas share several characteristics that make them femme fatales.  The women are Hallgerd Hoskuldsdottir in Njal’s Saga and Gudrun Osvifsdottir in The Saga of the People of Laxardal (Laxdaela saga).

From the TV series “Femme Fatales”

But if you want to find out the characteristics they share, you will have to wait until I have written the paper. 🙂  For now, I must re-read both Sagas, no mean feat, for they are each quite long, and then read all these critical works I have included in my bibliography.


Luckily, though, my friend Laurie Ashline, who moved out of state last year, is coming through town this weekend and staying with me starting later today.  So I am granted a bit of a reprieve. 🙂