In other words, a little nothing: a bagatelle.

I’m home sick, with an upper respiratory virus and no voice, instead of being at choir practice, where the rest of the choir is hard at work preparing for Sunday, when we will be doing four special songs for our Christmas Cantata.  There’s another cantata rehearsal called for Saturday, which I also cannot attend, because that is when I’ll be at Yule Feast, for which I’ve waited so long!  But I’ll show up for the early morning practice on Sunday….

And I’m taking a break from the interminable reading I’m doing for my research paper on two of the Icelandic Viking sagas:  Laxdaela saga and Njal’s saga.  Tomorrow is set aside entirely for reading, but the weekend will be devoted to both SCA events (all day and evening Saturday, as well as Sunday afternoon and evening) and church on Sunday morning.

I will be refreshed when I get my nose back to the grindstone on Monday! 🙂

Meanwhile, here are some images I have found for the two sagas.  They are mostly pretty old-style things:

“Kjartan saw Hrefna” from Laxdaela saga.  Image:  Wikimedia Commons
Gunnar is exiled for three years, but decides to stay instead.  From Njal’s saga. Image:  Daily Mail.
Image:  Pinterest

That last photo is the way I wish things were!  Now back to reading, by myself, alas! 😉