It turns out that I have bronchitis.  I went to the doctor this morning because I have a very colorful, red-and-pink, right eye, and I was afraid it might be pinkeye, which is very contagious.  But instead it is a conjunctival hemorrhage brought on by coughing so hard.

I also had a mild asthma attack last night at bedtime.

Altogether not feeling tip-top.

This means no Yule Feast for me tomorrow:  I’m under orders to rest and drink massive quantities of liquids and use appropriate cough remedies.  Which for me are cough lozenges, as opposed to syrup, which I can’t stand.

I had really wanted to go to Yule Feast, for quite some time now, to see the friends I made at Red Dragon in October, THL Piotr Zavilov and his Lady, THL Ayla Volquin.  I wanted to give them one of only two extant copies of the CD that Mistress Halla of Mugmort made for me from selections of a very old cassette tape of me playing the lute and singing. Maybe I’ll be able to mail it instead, because the next time I will most likely see them wont’ be until Red Dragon 2017, in the fall.

In other news:  I’ve got the title and the first paragraph of my research paper written, a first draft at least.  But I’ve set forth my argument and my expected conclusion in it.  An accomplishment, to my mind.  Now I’m going to go rest in bed and read something purely for pleasure! 🙂