Another old poem of mine, circa 1972.  All rights reserved.


No one wants a crazy girl and I don’t blame them one bit

crazy girls call at the wrong time of night

crazy girls are too heavy

crazy girls want sex and then they don’t

crazy girls call home and then they won’t talk

crazy girls cry at all the wrong times

crazy girls aren’t cool—even their best friends know

Never let a crazy girl get drunk

Don’t let her get stoned

crazy girls will call up poles and call for help

to their daddies who will not hear

And well they shouldn’t

Everyone knows—even their best friends—that crazy girls aren’t cool

they’re not suicides

they’re not artists

they’re not schizos

crazy girls are just crazy

so just

Leave them alone.


© 1972, 2016 Timi Townsend.

All rights reserved.

Use by permission only.