So, after sleeping all day yesterday instead of going to Yule Feast, I’m feeling slightly better today and my fever is mostly gone.  Yay! 🙂  So, however, is my voice:  I can’t even croak!

I’ve been doing a bit more reading for my research paper, but mostly I’m thinking about what I want to say in it, and how.  I’ve got my title and opening paragraph down on Word. Now it’s time for paper and pen, to do an outline and start writing a first draft.

For some reason, I find I can’t approach a scholarly paper such as this on my laptop for the first draft.  Bizarre, huh?  Maybe it’s because I’m a dinosaur. 😉  It also could be a hangover habit from my days practicing law, doing long briefs for appeals (usually at least 30 pages, often more).  I almost always did those first drafts by hand.

By the way, the image above is from a 14th century manuscript of Njal’s Saga, which is one of the sagas I’m discussing in my paper.  It was definitely done by hand!

With my paper, it just seems more organic for me to use pen and paper to start out with. And a more seamless way to organize my thoughts.  But blogging is completely different: I can’t imagine doing that by hand!

How do you do your writing?