I haven’t been closely complying with doctor’s orders for rest nearly enough, it appears, because now I’m more sick than ever. 😦  In fact, I’m quite ill, indeed.

I must be on guard against pneumonia, the doctor warned me.  While I don’t think that is at hand, I am having asthma attacks on top of my bronchitis, as well as exhaustion, head pain and congestion, nausea and other debilitating symptoms.

Which are enforcing rest!

For now, I am asking for extensions on both my research paper and the Christmas gift of the portrait of my niece.  Very humbling requests, to be sure.

The situation reminds me that although we ‘propose,’ we are not the ones who ‘dispose.’

Please do send me your prayers, good wishes and/or vibes for a steady upward swing towards full good health.  Thank you very kindly! Now it’s back to bed…. 🙂