I’ve hit the ten-page mark on the first draft of my research paper, and there’s still much more to write, then lots and lots to edit.  Yikes!  No way I’ll make the Friday deadline, so it’s lucky that my prof said I could have extra time.

I have to take a serious break from it soon–maybe for the rest of the night.  I have “saga brain.”  A technical term. LOL!

Thanks to everyone for your kind wishes and prayers regarding my health! 🙂  I am feeling better today, although I spent a good deal of it at the doctor’s office getting my heart checked out and my lungs too, while they were at it.  I still have the congestive heart failure diagnosis, but it’s downgraded to chronic instead of acute. Yay! 🙂  And I haven’t heard anything from the doctor about my chest X-ray, so I’m taking that to mean that it was all good.

When I went to the doctor today, it was 15 F ( -9 C) outside.  Tonight it’s going down to 5 F ( -15 C). Sometimes I have to seriously wonder why I moved back to Ohio from California all those years ago…

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I’m pondering my class choice(s) for next semester, which starts in January.  I have to decide by Monday.  I’m torn between taking two classes, Gothic Paris 1100 – 1300 and a wild-and-crazy Jane Austen Popular Culture class.  Should I take them both, or just one, and if so, which one?

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I’d really like to take them both, but at issue is the fact that they meet on different days, which would necessitate me driving back and forth to the city four days a week. Do I have enough room in the budget for that much gasoline?  Inquiring minds want to know…

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As you can tell, I’m deep into goofing-off mode now!  Let me do something productive for a bit…