Yes, I officially abandoned my research paper on the Viking sagas last night and emailed my professor to that effect, apologizing profusely.

I’m just too sick, and too worried about my health, to be able to work further on it. Β I did get 15 pages done, but I still had many, many more to go, and ones that would have required more thought to compose than what I had already written.

So I quit.

And I feel relieved. It was a spur-of-the-moment voluntary effort: I blurted out the idea of doing the paper at what was supposed to be my last meeting of the semester with my prof. I’m an auditor in a special program in which we get no credit for classes we take and in exchange we do not have to take exams or write papers.

So this paper wasn’t something I was required to do. And the idea came to me before I got this case of bronchitis, which is giving me so much grief.

The semester ended yesterday. Although my professor granted me an extension to get the paper to her, I think that she will be secretly relieved not to have to read and comment on it as she’s preparing for the holidays and her family’s move at the end of the month to Chicago for her sabbatical.

I could be wrong: she could be waiting with bated breath for my paper… but somehow I don’t think so. πŸ˜›