I’m really looking forward to my class at Ohio State University beginning in January.  It’s called Gothic Paris: 1100 – 1300.  It’s offered by the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. My professor Leslie Lockett for this last semester’s class, Intro to Medieval Literature, is the Associate Director of the Center.

Her colleague Kristen Figg teaches the Gothic Paris class, which is described like this: “This course explores the arts, architecture, poetry, history, music, theology, food, and fashion of Paris in 1100-1300, the age of Gothic cathedrals and the birth of the university.” That’s a lot of stuff to explore!

I wonder how much history we’ll be doing?  It’s such an interesting period…

Here are some of our books for the class:



I’ve already gotten them from Amazon.  Maybe it’s time to check them out! Speaking of checking things out, did you look at the naked guy on the left in the image at the top? Never say people weren’t naughty in the Middle Ages! 😛