I just had to add this photo to my account of the Midrealm Kingdom’s Twelfth Night celebration last weekend. Someone sent me the picture on Facebook earlier today.

The photo shows Count Cellach MacChormach kneeling beside me before the King and Queen in Court. One of the other three finalists in the King’s Arts & Sciences Competition is on my other side (neither she nor I was the winner–LOL).

This is what happened: when the Royal Herald called my name to come before His Majesty, Count Cellach immediately appeared by my side, gave me his hand, and escorted me into the Royal Presence, where he bowed, then kneeled, which showed me what to do, since this was the first time I had ever been called to Court.

I say the goofy expression on my face is due to my big crush on the Count (although I would never tell him that–and most of the ladies I know feel the same way about him!), and also because of his gallantry toward me. He, on the other hand, attributes my expression to shock at being called before the Court, which is a very formal affair, unlike the Competition itself. Count Cellach is always so diplomatic!

Whichever may be the case, he kindly helped me arise again afterwards–no mean feat, considering the state of my 65-year-old arthritic knees and hips! πŸ˜›

Chivalry is not dead! πŸ™‚