It’s been over a week now since I’ve been a smartphone owner. Or does it own me? LOL. I definitely like the camera and GPS and Google Map. And it’s good being able to check my email when I’m not home.

But I feel a bit TOO connected now. So I turn it off a lot. 😛

The very first day I had the phone, I went around the house taking random photos. Here are some of them:

This is the top of the piano in the front hallway. It is a shrine of family photos:



The living room, filled with musical instruments, plants and books:


My coffee table stacked with books, maps, and travel guides to Iceland:



One of many bookcases, this one next to the couch:


Tops of furniture and the walls in the dining area look like this:



I’ve always liked that oil self-portrait my mother did of herself in a long red gown in the 1950’s. To me it has a very Spanish sensibility, perhaps a foreshadowing of her ultimate career as a Spanish professor. She received her Ph.D. at age 65 and went on to head Wilmington College’s Romance Language department for ten years before retiring. A very talented, and beautiful, lady.

A cozy corner:


Let’s take a look into my room, too:


The photo at the top of this post, which is down here at the bottom as well, is a Kandinsky print that hangs in my “3K Gallery”: the downstairs half-bath! It is filled with prints by the artists Klimt, Kahlo and Kandinsky… 🙂