Not THAT kind of bathroom frolics! 😛  No, this is the kind where I try on yet more SCA garb and take selfies, and then take photos of the bathroom in general.  You see the kind of excitement I get up to on a Thursday night!

So, here goes:

A Viking-reenactor woman in the SCA, who I respect a lot for the depth of her research and willingness to share it, posted a photo of herself on Facebook that showed her in typical Viking-woman apron dress with turtle-brooches, beads strung between them, and a veil. Now, there are different schools of thought about Viking women and veils.

Some think that Viking women in the British Isles and Iceland, in particular, wore the kind of cap that I am pictured wearing here:

Others think that especially in mainland Scandinavia, women in the Viking Age wore headdresses that were more medieval in look and feel:

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Viking 2012 stock 48
by Random-Acts-Stock


Haithabu/Hedeby Viking reenactor in a headscarf/veil.  Note that it is secured with pins.:

188 Haithabu WHH 14-07-2012
Photo by Kai-Erik on Flickr (cc)

So tonight I experimented with a linen turban and a linen veil on top. You can also see my newly-finished top strand of beads that I made to go with my summer apron dress and tunic dress. It features a pewter dragon. That made me realize that a major focal point of our downstairs half-bathroom is the flying wooden dragon I got many years ago at the Ohio Renaissance Festival:



So while we’re looking around the bathroom, here’s the rest of it. I call it the “Three K Gallery,” because I have art prints by Kandinsky, Klimt and Kahlo on all the walls. You can’t really see the Klimt print very well here, though. It’s the famous painting called “The Kiss” (or else it’s “The Lovers”–I always get that wrong!) and it is on the side wall beside the sink as I snap the photo:

My favorite Kandinsky print in the Three K Gallery is this one, taken on another day in the sunshine and shadow:
It’s almost midnight here. Enough bathroom frolics for one night. Good night, folks! ❤