I almost always give my artwork away. In fact, I gave away the pen-and-ink line drawing of a big cat away at Christmas to my younger brother and his wife in lieu of a promised portrait of their daughter which I have not yet done.

On top of the giving-away, I have almost never photographed any of my artwork. But here are three that I did photograph. They are all from the early 1970’s when I was in college at Grinnell in Iowa. And except for Big Cat, they are very poor photographs. Oh well!

Arctic Explorer, Timi Townsend c. 1970
Arctic Explorer, watercolor and pen & ink, ca. 1970, Timi Townsend, all rights reserved
Leonard Cohen, charcoal, ca. early 70's (2016_05_01 17_16_42 UTC)
Leonard Cohen smoking, charcoal on paper, ca. 1971, Timi Townsend, all rights reserved.
Big Cat ca. 1971 (2016_05_01 17_16_42 UTC)
Big Cat, pen & ink on brown grocery bag, ca. 1971, Timi Townsend, all rights reserved, private collection of Christopher Townsend, Fairfield Connecticut

Many years ago, another brother of mine, Tom Townsend of Kettering Ohio, asked for many of my old artworks and sketchbooks. Much of that lot was from my high school days when I was quite the serious artist. However, I don’t think he has kept any of these things.

So, there you have it!