Not really much to report these days, because aside from going to class (although I’ve missed one), I’m on pretty strict rest in order to recover from the accident three weeks ago in time for my trip to Iceland. It will be cutting it very close, and there’s even a possibility that I might not be able to go. 😦 That would be WAY TOO SAD!

The money I paid for my accommodations at the hostel in Reykjavik, which was a huge chunk of my bundled flight/hotel deal, is nonrefundable. And I can only get a credit for the airfare to use sometime later.

But much worse than the monetary loss would be the loss of seeing Iceland and its people. Here’s the post when I was first planning the trip:Β Iceland or Bust!Β It has some good photos, too.

So please send healing thoughts, vibes and prayers to me! ❀

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I’ll be staying most of the time at Loft Hostel in Reykjavik, the one featured above. But two nights I’ll be at a wonderful AirBnB southwest of the city in Hafnarfjordur, the Town of the Hidden People. And you who know me know that I’m a believer in hidden folk of all kinds. So if I do get to Iceland and then never come back, you’ll know that I have been taken in by a tall, silvery, gorgeous Elf man who will treat me as the Queen I should be! πŸ™‚

My AirBnB hosts, Bjorg and Olafur, are so kind and wonderful. You can see photos of their lovely home and location at their site on AirBnB. This listing is for the little room I’ll be in:Β Warm room in nature. They also have two other, larger rooms they rent out. They are very popular: just take a look at their reviews. We have been writing back and forth since before Christmas! I feel like I know them…like they are already very real friends of mine. ❀

They have put together a special day trip for us up West Iceland to Dalir, so that I can see the sites of Laxdaela saga, my very favorite of the Icelandic family sagas (which are about what happens when Vikings settle down on an island near the Arctic Circle and become farmers), but these places are not on the tourist paths. I’m not renting a car, and the bus system doesn’t quite go where I want to go, so Bjorg and Olafur have come to the rescue! Olafur is going to take along his drone and will post videos from it on their YouTube channel, Keep Walking. Here are some of his posts to date, the first one is from a drone that a guest brought:

Since Olafur will be posting videos of our trip, I will have a memento of my trip up West Iceland to Dalir! So you see, I must get well enough to go!

Here are some of the other, many, many things I plan to see while I’m there.

Please do send all your healing powers to me!

Iceland Photo Tours
Harpa, the amazing new concert and exhibition space in Reykjavik that almost didn’t get built because of the world economic crash in 2008. I’m hoping to get to see a concert here, but I definitely will be taking the tour! Photo by Guide to iceland.
Iceland Snaefellsnes
Snaefellsnes by Joe Capra–This is one of the places I’m supposed to go on my trip.
Iceland, strokkur, by Extreme Iceland
Strokkur, the geysir next to Geysir, the original geyser that gave all the others, around the world, their name. It’s one of the sites I’ll see on the Golden Circle tour. Β Photo by Extreme Iceland.
A puffin on Westman Islands, off the south coast of Iceland. I won’t be going there, but I hope to take a “puffin tour” by boat out of Reykjavik and see them nesting on the cliffs of the islands nearby. Photo by Icelandic Times magazine.