Actually I do have a bit of news, about my sons. My younger son is away on a training mission for a deployment to Africa beginning in August and lasting a year. Africa can be a dangerous place, so I will be worried. He visited me several times in the hospital even though he was under pressure to get his kit packed for training and his house squared away for his absence. It’s quite good that he no longer has pets (he gave them to me when he enlisted LOL).

My older son just got back from a California vacation with his longtime girlfriend Summer. I’d be more envious, except that he caught the same terrible cold upon arriving home that I did. They came to visit me today and took me to dinner at the Olive Tree, a really nice independent Mediterranean restaurant that has the VERY BEST appetizers. I simply should quit after ordering two appetizers! He did such a good, and fast, job on an independent IT contract he had that the company offered him a regular job with benefits and all!

The picture above is of the four of us on Mother’s Day in 2015. The ones below are from various years with their cousins.  My sons are my suns. 🙂