I’ve just been too busy for blogging, it seems, although I really don’t know just what I’ve been doing besides hanging out with my SCA folks and trying to sew my first-ever Viking apron dress. It is now mostly done, except for the hem and the trim. After I got that much done this afternoon, I spent the rest of the day and evening working on my Viking jewelry.

me, my Viking beads, 7.2017

This Viking necklace now features the token given to me by Her Grace, then Her Royal Majesty Queen Kateryn, at my first SCA event, which was at Red Dragon last fall. I had no idea of proper etiquette around royalty and approached her unbidden while she was resting on her throne and sang her a song with my weird circular harp. She graciously listened and then gave me her token, which I have treasured ever since.

(By the way, our Kings and Queens reign for a six-month period. They can have more than one reign, although not back-to-back, and the reign is determined by a crown tournament of military prowess and also chivalric actions. Queen Kateryn and King Edmund have reigned five times.)

I still don’t know proper etiquette !

In a minute I’ll be jumping into the shower to get ready for class, which I have 3 days a week. Starting August 22, I’ll be in class 4 days a week at Ohio State, taking The Icelandic Sagas and Medieval Russia.

This post has been short and sweet, I hope, I’ll catch you up later on my other doings.