Although I myself am not engaged in making baskets, other members of my SCA group have been, and I hope to join them at an upcoming session.

Meanwhile, I’m racing against the clock to get three small projects done before a couple of my friends leave, on Sunday and Wednesday, for our gigantic annual SCA camping blowout, the Pennsic Wars, which is attended by over 10,000 gentles, all in medieval garb and armor. You may remember that earlier this year I was planning to attend, but health issues and finances have precluded me from going this year. Maybe next.

To battle, Red Dragon 2016, a much smaller event than the Pennsic Wars (and my first SCA event), photo courtesy Teri McCarthy

Well, I can’t discuss the projects right now, in case their recipients read this post before I’ve given them to them.  Patience, please!

And now I have to get back to work!