Yeah, I’m singing the blues now as many of my SCA friends decamp to the Pennsic Wars, a gigantic (10,000-plus people) medieval camping event with wars, competitions of all sorts, classes about all things medieval, and a huge selection of early period baubles and supplies to purchase.

I was all signed up to go, had been accepted to teach a class on Viking women, had two different households invited me to stay with them, and had bought tons of camping equipment (just the modern, cheaper stuff, though), when my health intervened and made a week of medieval camping inadvisable for me.

Oh well. There’s always next year!! 🙂

The whole event runs for two weeks, but you can spend lesser amounts of time there, although there are no day passes.

Here are some Pennsic photos:

Pennsic 1

Pennsic 2013

Norseland at Pennsic

pennsic 2

pennsic 3

pennsic 5

pennsic 6


pennsic 8

pennsic 9

Next year can’t happen soon enough! 🙂