Now the mystery can unfold, because I have given the jewelry that I spent last Friday making to the recipients (or in one case, to a courier who will pass it on to the recipient–I hope she doesn’t forget!!) for their enjoyment at The Pennsic Wars 46.

Here is the ceramic, lapis lazuli, turquoise and raw Baltic amber necklace that I made for Mistress Halla of Mugmort, mka Halle Snyder, my lute student. She is also the head of the Midrealm Kingdom’s Arts & Sciences division–quite a bigwig indeed!

Halle Snyder's Pennsic 46 necklace

I asked Halle if she would deliver the necklace below, which is comprised of fancy chain and pearl, to Her Excellency, the Baroness Melisande of the Middle Marches, which should be easy, since they are camping together in the same Household:

Baroness Melisande's Pennsic 46 necklace

And here is the third one, which I made for the archer champion Erriel, mka Janet VanMeter. The long cylindrical beads, which are my favorite beads ever and which I’m starting to run out of (oh no!), are made of bone, probably cow bone. I found them on clearance at a Tandy leather store. I’m not sure what the pendant is made of, or where I found it. I’ve had it a long time, waiting for the right moment to use it. Please excuse the blurry focus. I have bad tremor, and really should get at least a monopod if not a tripod for taking pictures of things!

Janet VanMeter's Pennsic 46 necklace

Then today I made myself a Viking necklace out of beads from a much longer necklace that I got at the “Vikings: Beyond the Legend” show in Cincinnati. That long necklace was way too heavy to wear, and also got in the way of my apron dress necklaces. So here it is, in its new format:

Vikings Beyond the Legends shortened necklace

I also finished my first apron dress! I don’t have a full-length photo of it yet, but here’s the top of it, complete with turtle brooches, jewelry, Viking hood, and suddenly long hair:

first apron dress

You can see  a bit of the gold and white trim. It embellishes both the top and the hem of the dress.

So that’s it for me and my creative endeavors of the past few days. Now it’s back to housework and paying bills….Ugh! 😛