Okay, granted the picture above is NOT a laptop! πŸ˜‰

I took my old laptop in to my favorite, most trustworthy IT shop to see if it could be easily (i.e. inexpensively) repaired, and the answer turned out to be that I could get a refurbished laptop for cheaper than the estimated repairs on the old one.

They really were not trying to sell me another laptop; indeed, they kept proposing various things they could try on the old one, but none were guaranteed to work, and all involved several additional tedious days of trial and error during which I would have no laptop at all.

And I have had trouble with the old one (which was expensive when it was new) practically from day one: it lived in various shops almost longer than it ever lived here with me. So I decided to get a refurbished one, and here it is!

In honor of the new machine, I decided to also change my color scheme. Purple is my favorite color, and this palette seems to me to be easy to read. It certainly is much easier to write on, since it doesn’t freeze literally every two minutes and stay frozen each time for about five minutes.

As for all the pink, I reserve judgment. I’ll probably keep searching for a palette I like better that isn’t quite so pink. But I do like the fact that the text is dark on a light background.

Comments, anyone? I have 15 days in which I can return this one, but unless it starts crashing, I’m going to hang onto it.