Click on the link below to look through my 2017 Facebook Book:

My 2017 Facebook Book

I got one of these last year and was very happy with it, so I ordered one for this year, too.  I hope the link works. You might find it fun to look through.

Unfortunately I didn’t spend enough time editing it and have a lot of duplicates and a lot of photos that I left out. The most important one I left out was this one of my very good buddy since we were at Grinnell College in Iowa in the late 60’s and early 70’s, the artist Tim Porges:

Tim Porges selfie 2017
Tim Porges 2017

He lives in Arlington, Virginia now and I live in Ohio. We’ve only seen each other once since college days, a few years ago when he came up to help me recover from gallbladder surgery.

Although we both used to be big travelers, we don’t seem to get around much anymore. Too bad, because I’d love to get together and talk. He knows just about everything about almost everything. We do talk at great length on the phone several times a week, but it’s not like having real face time. Still, I’m grateful to be living in the telephonic and digital age! 🙂

I also forgot photos of my good friend Janet VanMeter. Janet and I started reenacting together about 30 years ago in the group The Cavaliers, in which we played on the Royalist side of the English Civil War in the 17th century. Then many years went by before we met up again, and now we do Society for Creative Anachronism events together, playing in various periods up to the year 1600. Janet is a champion archer and made her own longbow, arrows and accessories. She is also an amazing seamstress:

Janet VanMeter backyard archery Feb 2017
Janet, backyard archery 2017
Janet at MM 12th Night
Janet at Middle Marches Baronial 12th Night 2017
Janet VanMeter as a Pict (2016_05_01 17_16_42 UTC)
Janet as a Pict 2016