The touching Turkish film Kedi, about which I wrote a few days ago, has just been named among the Top Ten Nonfiction Films for 2017 by the popular American weekly magazine of record, Time. Hurrah not only for the makers of the film, and its cats and city, but for the exquisite taste of fellow blogger, the British touparmoi of the superlative blog, The Earl of Southampton’s Cat, who turned me on to Kedi, and me, a mere American.kedi film photo 3

The film meditates on the essence of those street cats who nonetheless have meaningful relationships with people and neighborhoods in Istanbul, but also on the relationships of the people and neighborhoods themselves. If you’ve ever been there, you will know what an especially beautiful and welcoming place it is, to humans as well as cats, and this film will make you yearn to return. If you’ve never been there, this movie will make you want to go.

kedi film photo 4

You really have to see this movie!

kedi film photo 2

Here are some of the street cats Sevket and I fed in our courtyard in 2006:

It was thrilling to develop individual relationships with them. I only wish that I could have stayed longer!

miss pwiss, sassy and scotch