Today is our barony’s celebration of Twelfth Night. But I am not there, although I was scheduled to teach my Amazing Princess Ol’ga class and also help with various tasks involved in staging such an event, especially registering attendees at the Gate.

Instead, yesterday after my first appointment for physical therapy to address my balance issues, I fell down the two garage steps onto the concrete floor while unloading supplies from my car to the kitchen.


Luckily, nothing seems to be broken, but I sure am sore. 😦

What an irony, huh? To be assessed for my balance problems, and then to fall right afterwards. Just the kind of comical pratfall you can expect from me! πŸ˜›

By the way, the source of my balance issues is my neck. It is crooked. First it goes off in one direction and then it over-corrects in the other.Β  These two “crooks” give me all kinds of symptoms, including ones that I wouldn’t have guessed were due to my neck, like dizziness, nausea, congested sinuses, toothache, and more.

Yesterday other people staffing or wanting to just go to Twelfth Night for fun today were concerned about the weather forecast, which was called either ‘Snowmageddon’ or ‘Snowcapalypse.’

And sure enough, the storm did hit.Β  Here where I live there was first an inch of ice yesterday afternoon and then several inches of snow on top of that during the evening.Β  And very very frigid temperatures.

Not the kinds of conditions that make you want to drive out on small country roads that may or may not have been attended to by a salt truck or a snow plow.

But I didn’t have to make that call, thanks to my crooked neck and my garage stairs. πŸ˜‰

Instead of being with my SCA family and friends, I am here at home listening to music, resting my aches and pains, and making more jewelry. Here are today’s results, including one that is still in progress:

porcelain bead necklace enhanced
Necklace of porcelain beads that I’ve had forever.
bone necklace enhanced filtered (3) clarity
Necklace and earrings of large bone beads, including cylindrical ones, and miscellaneous ones leftover from other projects.
bone necklace detail enhanced
Detail, bone bead necklace and earrings.

The next three photos are of a work in progress, a necklace of labradorite beads, which I have been collecting for some time. They are quite expensive, so I am always shopping sales from the wholesalers. Then it’s a question of matching the colors of the beads. They can be blue-ish, green-ish, gray-ish, or quite black, but always with a shifting luminescent color when hit just right by a slant of light, which these photos unfortunately didn’t pick up–I am not much of a photographer. 😦 When I’m finished with the necklace, I will add a pair of earrings.

labradorite necklace in progress
In progress: a labradorite necklace of round 8 and 10 mm beads and puffed rectangles, all collected at different times.
labradorite necklace in progress3 cropped
Another view of labradorite necklace in progress.
labradorite necklace in progress2
Labradorite necklace in progress: taped to the beading board, along with the bar to finish the silver toggle clasp.

Now it’s back to bed! πŸ˜‰