Sometimes the designs that look so awesome lying on the design board just don’t look or feel right when you try to wear them.

That’s what happened with my bone necklace, featured in No Middle Marches 12th Night for me…. It looked quite nice lying there, but not around my neck–there it just looked too lumpy. It’s times like this when you go back to the drawing board and re-string. Ugh! 😛

I used mostly the cylindrical bone beads, which I had been trying to save because they are almost all gone and I don’t have a source for more. I do have a great affection for them and have made some awesome pieces with them, both for friends and myself.

So here is its new and hopefully improved look:


And just to show you how very much I do like those beads (I found them at a Tandy Leather store where they were clearing out the stock; I bought everything they had left!), here are two earlier necklaces that I made and kept for myself. The first one is one I wear all the time with my Viking garb, and its toggle clasp is a very tarnished bronze color:


Then the last one I actually made to give to my AirBnB hostess who I was to stay with for two nights in Iceland on my trip last May that got canceled after my accident. I like to use found pieces from old jewelry and often take apart things I have in order to revamp them. The pendant on this necklace is actually an orphan earring I found in my junk jewelry bag:


What plans, do you say? Lots of SCA stuff (and hopefully these events won’t get snowed out!):

At the end of this month I’ll be riding up with my friends Slany Bean Uillic and Uilleag Balbhan (mka Sheryl and Dan Barringer) to Cleftlands (mka Cleveland, Ohio), where I’ve been invited to play medieval harp music and teach a mini-class on the trouveres during Bardic Circle. You probably already heard my little five-minute recording of a trouvere chanson here: Playing a “Trouvere Chanson”.

And on Valentine’s Day in February, I’ll be in the State Up North (some call it Michigan) for the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, aka “Val Day.” I’m going with my very good friend Mistress Halla of Mugmort (mka Halle Snyder). She’s doing the driving and I’m renting the room, which we will also be sharing with our Michigan friend and Bardic Storm compatriot Finnguala Ingen Ui HAirt, whose mundane name I actually do not know. I simply call her ‘Finn.’ 🙂

I was looking forward to doing some shopping at Val Day, which is supposed to be rife with great merchants, but now I’m planning to go to Pennsic this summer, so I need to save my $$ for that! 😛 We’ll see what happens…

Plus I have some new SCA teaching plans. I was asked to do a Part Two to last year’s class on Women in the Viking Age. That will be in March at a couple of events in another Barony. It is called Women in the Viking Age 2: Mythbusters! 😉 It’s based on some of the popular misconceptions that people (still) have about how women lived in the Old Norse culture.

I’m also planning a class that is amazingly NOT Viking-related, but instead will feature Eleanor of Aquitaine and William the Marshal of England. Their lives intersected in interesting ways. She, of course, was the Queen of Her Age (the 12th century), and he was, and still is, considered the Greatest Knight of All Times. I’m already deep in my research on both of them for the class ( books, books, and more books!) and I’m really looking forward to giving it! Not sure yet just where and when, but it definitely will be happening. ❤

WAY out in the future, I’m hoping that the Celtic band from Dayton Ohio, which is called Fin Tan, will do another tour in the UK. They’re talking Ireland in 2021, and if they do go, I plan to go along! 🙂

I’ll have to start saving my money now. I hope if I do get to go that I can add an extension to England while I’m there to meet some of my English blogging friends and to see some sights. Fin Tan includes His Grace, Count William of Fairhaven (mka Patrick Savelli), the leader of Bardic Storm, the SCA pickup band of great repute, which I got to sit in with last year at Kingdom Twelfth Night. Here we are at that event. You can see Patrick, Halle, Finn and me:

Bardic Storm practice 12th Night with Halle, Pat, Finn and me
A Bardic Storm pickup session at Kingdom Twelfth Night 2017: second from left, me, in furry hat; then Pat Savelli, with guitar; Finn, with bodhran; and Halle in white scarf.

Lots of fun to look forward to. But right now we’re still in the single digits F., and tomorrow we’re having yet another snow storm. Oh well. It IS January in the north-central part of the Northern Hemisphere, after all! 😉