Tomorrow I’ll be riding along with three other women to a big SCA event called Festival of Maidens, which is held two states away from here.

The opportunity to join the trip just came up yesterday when I was on Facebook chatting with the organizer and driver of the van, my friend Halle Snyder. I found out that one of the original four women had had to cancel. Halle offered me the open spot in the van and in the room.

Oh boy–slumber party! πŸ™‚

There will also be another woman with us in our suite, who hails from the State Up North, but we don’t hold that against her. πŸ˜‰

While I am there, I hope to pick the brain of one of the SCA’s experts on all things Viking, Jen Johnson, as well as sit in on an afterparty concert with Bardic Storm. There’s even an open bar for it. Woo hoo!

We ladies are checking our wardrobes for our most fetching ensembles for the afterparty. I’ve decided to show a bit of cleavage (well, what I HAVE of cleavage, which is not much–hahaha!)

I hope I remember to take a lot of photos of the event, in which case you can be sure that I will publish them here. Halle has also requested that I bring my Zoom recorder, so I might be able to get a file or two from the concert…