I mentioned in a previous post– Festival of Maidens 2018 –that I had been a bit under the weather during that event. I also mentioned that I would be going to Regular Event in the Cleftlands tomorrow.

Well, it turned out that I was coming down with a full-blown, hellacious virus  at Maidens, along with many other folks. I still have not fully recovered.

So I will not be going to Regular Event in the Cleftlands (mka Cleveland, Ohio) tomorrow, after all.

Because I was planning to go to the event and perform during Bardic Circle, I had worked my fingers (and right thumb) to the bone in the past couple of days to sew some trim on my sideless surcoat, which I think gives it more bling. Here are some shots of the trim, which fought me tooth-and-nail, and I do believe that it won!

I was going to wear the sidelesss surcoat over a medieval kirtle because I didn’t want to be dressed as a 10th C. Icelander while playing 12th and 13th century Northern French trouvere chansons on my purple harp. You can hear one of the trouvere chansons I was going to do here: Playing a “Trouvere Chanson”

Another wardrobe item I was looking forward to wearing at Regular Event was a silk veil, with my Award of Arms circlet over it. It would have been my very first time to wear a veil! Here’s photo of me wearing the circlet without a veil:

HRM King Cellach and me in my AOA circlet, Nov. 2017
HRM King Cellach of the Midrealm and me on the evening I was presented with my AoA scroll and circlet, officially making me a “lady.”

I had learned a new chanson especially for Regular Event. It was written by Blondel de Lisle (1150-1200), one of the relatively few trouveres we know by name. Once I am over this bug, I hope to record Blondel’s chanson and post it here on my blog.

But at least I did get to play Blondel’s chanson for some folks at Festival of Maidens 2018. And in the comments section to that post, I just got a very nice compliment from Syllis Jehane, whose husband was one of the event’s organizers. ❤

Thank you for coming and gifting us with such beautiful music!

I listened to you while standing at a friend’s booth. It was magical. It is folks like you who make the dream possible for others. I closed my eyes and I was transported.

My purple harp and me at Festival of Maidens, Illinois, USA, January 2018.