Last night I got out the gig-bag-in-progress (see Making a gig bag  and Update: gig bag starts to take form, and apron dresses up next…  ) and finished up the long straight seam–that should have been a fold in the first place. Oh well! 😛

So today I wanted to turn it right-side-out and trim the remaining edges before sewing them together from the wrong side again. In order to look at it from the right side, I needed to put it on the floor, which of course Ophelia construed as an invitation for her to offer her invaluable assistance.

She is very generous in helping me with all kinds of projects! 🙂

Especially projects involving scissors and needles with wiggly threads and pins and all kinds of things that I try to keep out of her paws and mouth, successfully so far. ❤

So here are some photos from Ophelia’s modeling engagement today:

First off, the rare photo before Ophelia climbed aboard. This is the right side of the gig bag, with the psaltery inside. The left hand side will be the top of the bag, with a flap that folds over, I’ll be attaching one or more straps to the back to carry it over my shoulder.


It didn’t take long for Ophelia, even though she was upstairs sleeping on my bed, to realize that I was up to something that REQUIRED her assistance:


Finally I took the hint and retired to the couch, leaving Ophelia to claim the project in its entirety!


As I write this upstairs in the bedroom, Ophelia is still hard at work on the gig bag down in the living room. 🙂