Finally, the gig bag is finished! I am not happy with the way it looks, but it seems to be functional, and that was my stated aim, so I should not be disappointed with the cosmetic side, I guess. 😦 Still, I am (disappointed, that is). I especially don’t like the way the flap turned out. Oh well!

In addition to putting on a back strap, I added a carrying handle today, and yesterday I put on a pocket for the tuning wrench. There is still a bit of a problem with the pocket, because I got the wrong kind of Velcro. So that will need to be re-done at some point.

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It’s always fun to see how messy my house is! 😛

The kitties were curious about my contorted picture-taking, so I took a couple of photos of them, too.

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I’ve been working up a song from Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night on the lute (“O Mistresse Mine”), which means that the lute is not in its case, so Ophelia has taken the opportunity to hang out in it. It is a perfect cat bed. A previous cat of mine took a pee in the case for my old lute. Luckily the stain and the odor came out with that special enzyme detergent created for such an occasion! 😛

Last year when Sarah Moon came over for a visit, she took some pictures of Sissy who was doing a strange thing with her ears:

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Tomorrow I’ll be calling the Viking dealer to get a class scheduled on my new sewing machine. I’m chomping at the bit to get this hands-on instruction, because I don’t want to chance messing things up with it. And I’ve got all this linen waiting to be turned into garb, plus the cotton twill apron dress that is partially finished.

It’s so hard to be patient!