I asked Tim Porges, my old and dear friend from our days at Grinnell College, if he’d like to go to the Pennsic War this summer and camp with the group I’ll be with, if I could get permission for him to do so. He said that he would like to go!

Tim Porges selfie 2017
Tim Porges 2017

And I did get the requisite permission.

Now, before August, besides finishing up my own wardrobe for the week of medieval camping, I want to make Tim a couple of shirts or tunics and a pair of drawstring pants, since you have to make at least an attempt at Medieval attire while you’re there.

All this sewing will be quite a challenge, but at least I’ve got my new machine to do it on, which Tim helped me to buy. See New sewing machine!

My new Husqvarna Viking Tribute 145M

I’m hoping that Tim and I will be able to pitch our tents next to each other. It will be a bit of a challenge trying to arrive at the site in Pennsylvania at the same time from different directions: me from Ohio to the west, and Tim from Virginia to the southeast. My friend Janet VanMeter has pulled it off for years, though, with her friend Dawn, so I will pick her brain for tips…

Here are some photos of Pennsic in years past. No attributions available, though: