This evening I trimmed and colored my hair. Although I am letting my hair grow, and jealously guard every half-inch, still there are times when a trim is indispensable. Like before you color your hair!

A couple of things prompted me to color my hair. First, my friend Jen Johnson (see Festival of Maidens 2018) posted a photo on Facebook showing that she had gone red from her natural brown, which was inspiring.

Then I made a video of myself playing guitar this afternoon and realized that my hair looked pretty awful after being colored this summer  and then ignored since then. Although when I got it colored last summer nobody noticed! 😛

Here’s what it looked like then:

me outside Changes Aug 4, 2017

And that was supposed to be ‘Light Ash Brown.’ I had it done at a salon, and it was molto expensive! 😦

This time I ran out to the store and picked up a bottle of DIY haircolor. This is what I got:


It is “Lightest Soft Golden Brown,” Age Perfect, by L’Oreal Excellence. It is supposed to have built-in highlights. I don’t really see them yet. But once I wash my hair and get the excess toner out, I think I will find some highlights.

So here’s how I look with the new hair color. I must add that it looks darker in real life than it does in these photos:



Amazingly, I’m even wearing makeup: a very rare occurrence indeed! 🙂

LATER: Here I am playing the harp this evening. Now you can see better how dark my hair is…

me with purple harp at home February 19, 2018

Now, about plans for school at The Ohio State University. I’m not going this semester, thank heavens! Both my health and the weather have been terrible, so I would have missed almost all of the classes to date.

But I am signing up for Summer Term. I’m going to take an introductory Classics course covering Greek and Roman literature in translation from Homer to Boethius. That will run from early May until the end of July.

The first week in August is when I’ll be at the Pennsic War. I’ll be teaching two classes there, on the 12th C. figures Eleanor of Aquitaine and William Marshal, plus a class about remarkable men in the Icelandic sagas, called “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” 😉

For Fall Semester at OSU, I’m going to sign up for “Medieval England” from Professor Sara Butler, a teacher I heard good things about from a classmate last spring when I was taking “Gothic Paris: 1100-1300.” See Gothic Paris: 1100 – 1300.

I might enroll in a second class at OSU for the fall, if I can get permission to take it. It is Christopher Jones’s honors seminar on “The Middle Ages.” Professor Jones is married to, and shares an office with, Professor Leslie Lockett, from whom I took “Intro to Medieval Literature” last fall. There are only 18 seats available in the seminar, though, so my chances of getting into it are probably slim.

Meanwhile, before any of my OSU or Pennsic classes take place, I’ll once again be teaching “The Amazing Princess Ol’ga” for the SCA, this time at Winter War Maneuvers the first Saturday in March. For an earlier session of this class see Post-event reviews are in!

The second Saturday in March I’ll be reprising my class on “Women in the Viking Age” at a special Arts & Sciences Collegium held about an hour from here. See me teaching it last year at Middle Marches Baronial 12th Night .  I’ll give the Viking women class again later in March at an event charmingly called “Keep Calm & Ceilidh On.”

I think I’ve now caught you up-to-date on my doings. What are you up to? ❤