This evening was my free sewing machine owners’ class. See Rain, sewing, and seeing my sons….

There were three of us in the class. One woman had never sewn on a machine before, not even one stitch. I thought she did remarkably well!

The second person in the class was a young girl who was there with her mother. Both the beginning adult and the girl had purchased Singer machines. The girl’s was a very nice computerized model.

But both of them had problems getting their machines to work. In fact, the store swapped out an entirely new machine (same model) for the absolute beginner, because even the teacher could not get her originally-purchased machine to work right! 😛

Have I mentioned that I don’t like Singers anymore? That is why I got a Husqvarna/Viking this time, with some financial assistance from my friend Tim. See New sewing machine!

But as I mentioned in my last post, I really didn’t like the cover that my Viking Tribute 145M came with. I mentioned this to the women at the dealer, and they pointed out a great deal on a rolling, padded carrying case. I thought it was reasonably-priced to begin with, but at 50% off, it was a downright steal!

And since the rain was pelting down as I left the class, I was especially happy that my new machine was so well-protected!