Now, FINALLY, the gig bag for the psaltery is completely finished. I mentioned before that there was a problem with the closure for the pocket for the psaltery’s tuning wrench. See Gig bag done! and cats….

Last night before my sewing machine owners’ class at the fabric store, I purchased the right kind of Velcro to close the pocket.

But this morning, as I was going to sew the Velcro on, I decided that it was going to be too difficult to do so from the inside of the bag and through four layers of material, two of which are upholstery fabric.

I thought about alternatives….

Hooks and eyes came to mind. But then so did snaps. Snaps, especially large ones, seemed like they would be easier to handle than hooks and eyes when I’m using the gig bag, so I put them on my list for things to buy at the fabric store next time.

Then I thought, “I should look in Mother’s old sewing supplies.” And lo! and behold, there were not only several sizes of hooks and eyes, but also large snaps!

So this morning I sewed a large snap on the inside of pocket of the gig bag and voilà, the bag is completely DONE! 🙂


My psaltery, made for me 50 years ago by a girl who was 12 at the time….

Now I can get back to working on the Viking apron dress, or smokkr, that got stalled when my Singer Simple machine died. See Starting an apron dress  Here is the material I’m making the apron dress from:


Ta ta for now–I’m off for sewing machine frolics! 🙂