I’ve been invited to a tea party tomorrow at the home of Diana and Ryan, who also host the weekly Monday evening Sewing Circle get-together. The folks in Sewing Circle are Scadians, but many of them also reenact other time periods, including 17th century English Civil War (that’s how I met Janet and David VanMeter, and other folks, about 30 years ago, in the group called The Cavalier Association); 17th and 18th century American frontiersman/rural living; and 19th century British Regency (think Jane Austen, and I’m really tempted to make myself a spotted muslin day dress! 😛 ).

Dressing in costume appropriate to a period that you like is optional for the tea party. I hope that most, if not all, of the people who come will indeed wear their period garb. For instance, Janet will be wearing an 18th C. print jacket over a full blue petticoat. She and David will be visiting Colonial Williamsburg again in March, where they dress the part and look quite amazing! Of course they sew all their own outfits. ❤

Janet VanMeter at Colonial Williamsburg March 2017
Janet VanMeter at Colonial Williamsburg last year, March 2017.

Amazingly, I will NOT be wearing one of my Viking outfits tomorrow! 😛 Instead, I’ll be wearing my 12th/13th C. Anglo-Norman gentlewoman clothes, with a cranberry linen kirtle underneath a dark gold sideless surcoat, with a silk veil and the circlet I received when I got my Award of Arms last fall.

A couple of months ago, I added trim to the sideless surcoat to give it a bit more bling:

Here I am at an event last year wearing the un-trimmed surcoat with a different, purple kirtle, and a Flemish hood, which I’m not going to wear tomorrow:


I’m hoping to remember to take photos tomorrow of people’s costumes, as well as the food that they bring. So far I know that there will be homemade savory baklava, as well as green pea hummus.

As for myself, I was going to cook up another batch of Blawmanger (see Medieval Meal of the Month: Blawmanger and Cucummern ) but I am too broke to buy the rest of the ingredients, and my hands hurt too much in this rainy weather to cook. So I’m taking store-bought, but yummy, cookies from the Middle East: sesame cookies and ones called “Sweet Cookies,” which happily are not too sweet! Yes, I did try one. 😉

Here are some other “tea” images from StockSnap, which carries many free images that are also copyright-free. I hope that some of the foods in these photos will show up at the tea party tomorrow!

tea tray by
Tea tray by Brooke Lark.
tea in dark pot by Igor Miske
Image by Igor Miske.
A Morning dessert
Image by WDnet Studio.
tea menu by Anastasi Zhenina
Image by Anastasia Zhenina
tea with pancakes by Anthony Delanoix
Image by Anthony Delanoix.

Don’t you wish you were going to a tea party tomorrow, too? 😉

I’ll report back in tomorrow or the next day to update you on the tea party I’m going to, hopefully with lots of nice photos! 🙂