Sadly, I was too sleepy to go to the tea party. 😦

I actually made it, in costume and with my tea and cookies and Turkish teapot and tea glasses, onto the freeway heading to the tea party at Diana and Ryan’s house when I realized that there was no way that I could safely drive. I was in danger of falling asleep behind the wheel.

asleep behing the wheel
Image by Lechon Kirb, StockSnap

Last night I didn’t sleep, you see, and I had also gotten very little sleep the night before.

It all caught up with me as I tried to make it to the tea party.

So I missed all the fun and the tea and the people and the amazing snacks. 😦

When I got home, I went straight to bed.

Image by Mary Whitney, StockSnap

And I had a glorious, if lonely, nap.

sleeping b and w cat
Image by Tuur Tisseghem, StockSnap

Oh, except for Sissy and Ophelia! ❤

They make sure I don’t get lonely! 🙂