I wrote before that I was starting my first embroidery project. See My first embroidery project started…

At that point, I had one row finished:


Well, I finished it yesterday. It is three rows of Herringbone Stitch in gold embroidery floss on 8mm China Red silk habotai. I will cut out the piece and put it on the yoke of the apron dress that I will make for Spring Coronation, after I finish the one I’m working on right now.

Here is the embroidery:


Underneath the embroidery hoop is the marigold medium-weight linen that I will make up into the smokkr, or apron dress.

After I finished the three rows of gold embroidery, I went back to add blue to it in a Double Herringbone Stitch. The idea was good, and it looked fine on my test fabric, which is a tan-colored muslin, but I just didn’t like it on the red silk. So I unpicked the blue. I’ll just stick with the single Herringbone Stitch in gold.

Meanwhile the blue apron dress is coming along well. All the machine-sewn parts are done, as well as two-thirds of the hand sewing. Just some hemming left to finish, which I hope to do tomorrow evening at Sewing Circle. If I’m still welcome there, after pooping out on the Tea Party. See Too sleepy to go…

Here is the material for the blue cotton flannel twill apron dress. It lies on top of the blue underdress that I made a few months ago:


I’ve also gotten a new follower here on my blog who is a fellow Scadian! 🙂 Her name is Baroness Tyra Jonsdatter, and her blog is called “Art and Culture in the Norse Period.” Right up my alley!

You can find her blog here: Art and Culture in the Norse Period. She has some really excellent work on her blog, including wire-work bracelets she has made: Bracelets for the Gulf War gift basket

And quite serendipitously, she has written a post about a book concerning the Vikings’ use of silk! See Silk in Norse Society.

What a wonderful discovery! Don’t you just love the blogosphere? ❤