Here are some more photos that I took yesterday of my new hair color. See also New haircolor and school plans


But I think it looks quite a bit darker, and redder, in real life than it does in any of the photos, although in this one it looks more like it does in real life:

me with purple harp at home February 19, 2018

So Friday I’m planning to go to a salon to get some blonde highlights added to the existing hair color. I have a Dutch braid ponytail that I wear with my Viking garb, like so:



Here are closeups of the braid:



The highlights I’d like to get would match the lighter portion of the braid.

So my question to you is:

Should I go ahead and get the highlights, or just leave well enough alone (and save my money)?

Any and all comments would be very welcome! ❤

UPDATE  February 27th: I’ve decided to cancel my appointment at the salon. I’m going to keep the color of my hair the way it is. 🙂