Just now there was a knock at the door. I had the big inner door open, because it is a beautiful sunny afternoon here, and Ophelia wanted to look out the storm door at the world going by outside.

I got off the couch, where I was sewing trim onto the blue smokkr (see Trim for the blue apron dress),  and went to the door.  I saw my neighbor Jordan, standing there on the porch with a box beside him.

He explained that he does the flowers for his job, and that he had some extras.

Would I like some tulips?

Would I? I LOVE TULIPS!!! ❤

Especially yellow ones, and he was giving me a choice of yellow or pink.

They are so cheerful and bring the sunshine into my living room. 🙂 Which is good, because tomorrow it is going to be rainy again….

So let’s celebrate today with flowers and friends and good neighbors! ❤