I have finished the blue apron dress in plenty of time for this weekend’s event! 🙂


I tried using my old Canon Elph on its timer to take a couple of photos from further away. Not much success, though:

me blue apron dress living room Feb 28, 2018

Another one that I tried to get with me and the tulips from my neighbor Jordan:

me blue apron dress and tulips Feb 28, 2018

My conclusion: I need to wear my belt, for sure, to give this apron dress some shape! But I will in any case, because I need a belt to hang my pouch from. Maybe I’ll get someone to take some photos at the event on Saturday…. 😛

Meanwhile, here are a couple of Ophelia in the cat tree while I was taking photos of myself:

Ophelia Feb 28, 2018 in cat tree 3 looking out windowOphelia Feb 28, 2018 in cat tree 2

Ophelia is so photogenic! 🙂